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Welcome & About Me

Hi I'm Dave, welcome to my somewhat pedestrian personal website-o-matic!

Currently I live in Belfast, UK, where I work at Queen's University Belfast having completed a PhD at the University of East Anglia. If this is of any interest check out my professional site. Before UEA I was in africa for a bit. As well as computers I like rocketry and am a member of this bunch of despotic clowns. When I have time I ride my motorbike and play badly with photography.

This website, purplepixie.org, is basically a home for my various projects and my blog about software (mine and in general).

Projects Alive & Dead

There follows a list of the larger projects of mine hosted on purplepixie.org, including both current(ish) ones still under development or maintainence, and some older projects linked here just for reference.

Current/Newer Projects

freenats: free network automatic testing system

freedesk: open-source extensible helpdesk (in progress)

myrug: mysql schema upgrading tool

phpdns: php direct dns query api

myrep: mysql repair script in php

saidel: suspicious and illegal file deletor

vso journals: vso blog directory and rss aggrigator

ppping: php icmp ping client and class/library

rex: remote execution framework for php

iarray: associative arrays for javascript

doap: remote data access protocol for javascript+php

Old/Discontinued/Legacy Projects

cgi howto: cgi in c++ how-to

cgi wrapper: c++ cgi interface wrapper library

netload: network interface monitor for linux

website speed: check a website speed

cal: simple php calendar plug in

adsl howto: redhat 7 internal conexant adsl modem how-to

rounded: php utility to do rounded rectangles for corners

ddg: dave davegram for linux and httpd server

isdn howto: redhat 6 internal bt isdn how-to

isdnexam: utility to automate isdn line management for linux

netloap: network interface monitor for linux in php

viq: questionnaire creation & management


Here's some links to related content, ways to connect on social media, and other associated bits and bobs.

Twitter: @davex0x29a
Github: purplepixie
Linkedin: Dave Cutting
Flickr: Some pictures on Flickr

My very old Africa adventure blog
My newer blog on software and computing