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Website Speed Test

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PurplePixie Website Speed Tester

My crap website speed analyser uses PHP to open a stream to the website specified recording the time taken to open the stream (the latency) transfers the index page recording the time and size of this transfer. This allows for many extremely complex and highly advanced mentally regressive calculations involving addition and subtraction to calculate a very basic transfer rate. Owing to the fact that PurplePixie is hosted with IMHO the best ever hosting provider VerroTech Industries the system is deployed at the main UK site as well as the US mirror.

The dual hosting system allows you to compare site access times from dear old Blighty and our ex-Colonies, this can make some interesting reading*. Eventually I shall probably even have some league tables or something. Please obviously ignore www.purplepixie.org from the UK as it's incredible speed is no doubt due to the request being local to the server. Still, I do hope to top the league tables if they ever get done...

Check a Website's Speed

* Not actually true.

Some Important Notes

Website Speed
Although we are connected by a Tier-1 network to both UK and US servers sometimes the throughput will show as about a Terabit a second. This is caused by very small index pages of sites being transferred from very fast servers. The numbers are so small you would need some form of scaling system or other insurmountable task to accomplish. Generally, anyone with an index page of 2k or above gets a sensible throughput figure. Below that just assume that it is effectively instantanious.

Latency Figure
The latency figure given in seconds is the time elapsed between the request for a stream to the webserver be opened and the pointer being returned. In effect this measures the initial latent delay of the network and the remote web server. Random results may be just that, see below...

Random or Bad Results
Sometimes you will see a bad result from even the best server. Although repeated bad scores does not bode well for either your connectivity or your server, occasional blips are to be expected. These seem to be most commonly caused by transient network conditions or you happening to hit your server as it reloads a memory cache (or needs rebooted if it's IIS). If you get a bad result you can check transient network conditions to the server with a traceroute tool.

LEGACY PAGE WARNING: This page refers to a system or feature that is no longer supported or maintained